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We distribute green technology for a suistanable future.

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We offer consulting for resellers of sustainable technologies. If you are a reseller or involved in service and installation, we can advise you on the best product and the ideal solution for your customer.

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We know that quick response and support matter, so we are always ready to be by our customers' side.

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We are a group of professionals who focus exclusively on products and solutions for environmental sustainability.

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Technical support, logistics services, financial services: our assets at your disposal

Reference Point for the deployment of green technologies

We want to be key players in the ecological and energy transition to environmental sustainability.

We are aware that this is the most important and complex challenge for humanity.

We are Zeliatech

Are you a retailer?

Put us to the test! You can count on an extensive product portfolio, numerous services and the expertise of our professionals.

We are Zeliatech

Are you a vendor?

We provide you with a relevant number of loyal resellers and installers, whom we serve on a daily basis through our technical sales structure.

B2B eCommerce site, organization of on-site and online events, support for training and certification of your partners, are just some of the many added values we can guarantee to the vendors we cooperate with

We are Zeliatech

Are you an end user?

Seek advice from our technical department, which will direct you to the best technological solution by putting you in touch with the most suitable authorized dealer.

Esprinet Group

We simplify the lives of individuals and organizations through the use of technology. We devote ourselves daily to expanding and facilitating the deployment of technology solutions, with the aim of enriching everyone's lives in the area of daily activities.

Our solutions

Explore the excellence of Tech products in the sustainability marketplace, brought together in one place for you.


Would you like to become our customer?

If you are a retailer or are in the service and installation business, rely on Zeliatech's expertise to deliver innovative and customized energy solutions.


Do you want to become our supplier?

If you are a vendor and offer products and services in our target markets, join Zeliatech