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Our Services

From pre-sales to after-sales, we stand by our customers by supporting them through dedicated services.


Zeliatech promotes technology diffusion through a wide range of services to sustain you step by step, from pre-sale to post-sale. We offer personalized support to simplify your choices, from financing to logistics, thanks to established industry partnerships.

With Zeliatech, you access a dedicated and specialized team ready to provide targeted advice to identify and customize ideal solutions based on your business needs and specific goals. Trust us for agile and efficient processes designed to maximize the value of your investment.

We are Zeliatech

Financial Services

Taking advantage of our services will give you access to all the benefits of the "As a Service" model.

Thanks to our innovative platform, EspriRent, you will have access to a wide range of financial solutions designed to best meet your customers' needs.

We are Zeliatech

Logistics Services

Two logistics centers, with a total area of 96,000 square meters, ensure maximum storage flexibility.

This result is made possible by advanced technologies, state-of-the-art automation systems and a specially designed and customized warehouse management system (WMS) to suit each specific need and service requirement.

We are Zeliatech

Transport services

We offer a wide range of transportation and distribution services designed to fit each customer's needs.

Our constant search for innovative solutions is aimed at making your business more dynamic and efficient.

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Technical Support

We are committed to offering comprehensive technical support aimed at maximizing our clients' potential in the marketplace. We offer a broad spectrum of support services, including customized training and specialized assistance, to ensure that each customer can fully exploit the available opportunities.

Our goal is to provide the skills and tools needed to increase competitiveness, especially in complex projects, by optimizing costs and resources.

We are Zeliatech

Digital Services

We create value for our customers through innovative digital solutions, enabling them to venture into new markets, new opportunities, and emerging businesses.

Our offering consists of services capable of achieving multiple objectives. They help increase productivity, improve and enhance existing businesses, and keep up in a rapidly changing context, contributing to the growth of your market share and giving you access new markets.

Esprinet Group

We simplify the lives of individuals and organizations through the use of technology. We devote ourselves daily to expanding and facilitating the deployment of technology solutions, with the aim of enriching everyone's lives in the area of daily activities.


Would you like to become our customer?

If you are a retailer or are in the service and installation business, rely on Zeliatech's expertise to deliver innovative and customized energy solutions.


Do you want to become our supplier?

If you are a vendor and offer products and services in our target markets, join Zeliatech