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Huawei Digital Power is committed to the integration of digital technologies and power electronics. Areas of activity include clean energy development, through Fusionsolar Smart PV solutions; mobility electrification, through FusionCharge solutions; and green electrical infrastructure for ICT in the Data Center Facility and Critical Power sectors.

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Huawei Digital Power's Role

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Infrastrutture di alimentazione ICT

ICT power infrastructure

Data Center Facility & Critical Power

Zeliatech's role

As Huawei General Distributor in Europe, we boost Brand development by supporting specialized distributors through our resources and expertise.

We are the reference point for our customers whom we support through dedicated services. We organize events, trainings, webinars, offer support in defining and developing digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

We act as industry experts by providing pre- and post-sales technical expertise. We complete our offer with the group's core assets providing financial, logistics and transportation services.

Huawei Digital Power Partner Distributor

Services to support our Partners

A bundle of services designed to build a strong and lasting partnership capable of supporting mutual success and growth.

Servizi Finanziari

Financial Services

servizi logistici

Logistic Services

supporto tecnico

Technical Support

servizi digitali

Digital Services

servizi di trasporto

Transportation Services

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Are you involved in photovoltaics?

If you are a dealer or a company servicing and installing PV systems, rely on Zeliatech Partners.

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Do you deal with ICT infrastructure?

If you are a reseller or in the business of ICT Power Infrastructure support and installation, rely on Zeliatech's expertise to deliver the best solutions