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Single-phase and three-phase UPS uninterruptible power supplies

We provide the continuity, stability and security your plant needs in every application field

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Step into the future of safe and reliable power with our advanced UPS uninterruptible power supplies. Instant power, surge defense, and the security you seek for your sensitive devices. Rely on us for uninterrupted power flow, your safety is our priority!

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Zeliatech offers solutions that cover all market demands, thanks to strong synergies with major industry players.

Explore excellence in energy reliability with our outstanding collection of uninterruptible power supplies. Our range of single-phase and three-phase UPS are the epitome of energy protection. Perfect for home comfort, from PC use to dynamic corporate offices, state-of-the-art industrial plants and innovative data centers. Rely on us for an uninterrupted flow of energy.


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From pre-sales to after-sales, we are at our customers' side supporting them through dedicated services.


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