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Documents relating to the company Zeliatech S.r.l.

Organisational Model And Supervisory Board

The Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 n. 231 introduced a discipline of the administrative liability of companies for crimes (among others, corporate crimes and crimes against the public administration such as corruption and extortion) committed by directors, managers or employees in the interest or to the advantage of the company itself. In introducing the aforementioned administrative liability regime, however, Legislative Decree 231/2001 provides for a specific form of exemption from liability if the company demonstrates that it has adopted and effectively implemented organization, management and control models suitable for preventing crimes of especially the one that occurred.

The values of transparency, correctness and loyalty which inspire the Esprinet Group are the basis for the adoption by the Company of an organization, management and control model (so-called Organizational Model 231) functional to the prevention of the risk of committing significant crimes for the purposes of the aforementioned Legislative Decree 231/2001.

The Organizational, Management and Control Model was approved on 13 June 2024.
The current Supervisory Body is composed of: Carlo Ferrucci, Chairman, indipendent member.


The Group aims at encouraging the possibility of reporting cases of possible violations, i.e. behavior, acts or omissions that harm the public interest or the integrity of the private entity and that consist of significant illegal conduct pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 or violations of the Code of Ethics and/or the Organization, Management and Control Model of the Companies belonging to Esprinet Group, or unlawful acts falling within the scope of either European or national acts, or acts or omissions affecting the financial interests of either the European Union or the internal market, or acts or behavior which undermine the object or purpose of the provisions of the Union’s acts, which employees/workers/persons working in the business context (including consultants, collaborators, shareholders, volunteers, trainees, etc.) have become aware of.

All employees / workers / people working in the business context can report any violation to the reporting body using the following written and oral channels:

  • Through the Whistleblowing platform accessible from any browser on the following address https://esprinet.eticainsieme.it/#/
  • By calling the telephone number +393427755190 (not subject to registration).

The Code of Ethics

The Mission of the Group is to be the key point of contact between manufacturers, resellers and technology users.
The Group desire is to create value for these key stakeholders, shareholders and employees through a constant, shared growth strategy based on an innovative distribution model, in order to:

  • promote the widespread use of all technologies with efficient distribution across all channels of contact with consumers and organizations;
  • develop effective and innovative operational and financial instruments to address market developments;
  • be a benchmark in the technology market thanks to the best professional skills.

The Code of Ethics applies to all activities performed by the Esprinet Group:

  • lays down conduct guidelines and regulates the body of rights, duties and responsibilities the Group expressly assumes with its own stakeholders
  • defines the ethical criteria adopted for achieving a proper balance between the expectation and interests of the various stakeholders
  • incorporates principles of conduct and guidelines on potentially sensitives areas

The Code of Conduct

The Esprinet Group wishes to establish commercial relations with its own suppliers and business partners that are characterized by transparency, fairness and ethical trading practices. The development of transparent long-term relationships with suppliers, attention to quality, safety and respect of the environment and compliance with applicable laws represent objectives that must be pursued with a view to consolidating the added value created for stakeholders.
Therefore, in conjunction with the Code of Ethics adopted, the Group has defined a Code of Conduct to serve as a guide to long-term supply chain relations.