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The Esprinet Group is committed to excellence in quality, environmental, safety and ethics management systems, a philosophy that combines with the basics for any form of management or continuous improvement, ensuring visibility and market value.

Full customer satisfaction, optimal use of resources, indoor and outdoor environmental quality, maximum focus on the safety of employees at work, and personal involvement are directives and performance criteria on which the integrated quality, safety and environmental management system of the Esprinet Group is based.

The Esprinet Group decided, with a strong focus on quality, to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and commitments in all areas, especially in relation to the environment, and health and safety at work with the maintenance of the following certification:

  • Quality, according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard;
  • Occupational health and safety according to the ISO 45001:2023 standard;
  • Environment, according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

Multisite certificates apply to all locations of the following Group companies:

  • Esprinet S.p.A
  • V-Valley s.r.l.
  • Esprinet Iberica SLU
  • V-Valley Advanced Solutions España SAU

For the following scopes:

  • Sales and distribution of products (ICT, cloud service consumer electronics, accessories for telephony and multimedia, technological products for sport and the outdoors, office and stationary products) and computer services by handling, storage, packaging and shipping. Assembly and system integration of hardware and software platforms.
  • Sale and distribution of technologies for the generation and distribution of electricity (e.g. solar panels, etc.) and tools for climate control in homes, offices or industry, via electronic media.

The following e-mail addresses are available for any information on the subject:

The Esprinet Group Policy, expressed by the vision, mission and values that inspire and guide corporate conduct at all levels, can be downloaded at the following link: